Shel Designs

Renewal and growth are part of life. Renewal ties us to the past: we need to know where we came from. In knitting, we have a rich heritage of techniques and methods, with designs deeply rooted in storytelling and tradition.  

As styles evolve, we bring those lessons and cherished motifs into the present. The evolution of knitting, like that of the nautilus, is about growing, learning – adapting, but always carrying the past with us.

One of the reasons the nautilus appeals to me is its elegant, mathematical precision. Its shape is a Fibonacci sequence, a perfect and predictable mathematical curve so often found in what can seem like the randomness of nature.



I carry this over into my knitwear designs. As we so often like to forget, knitting is math. Knitwear designs are based on sets of ratios, which allows us to update styles by changing proportions and make any pattern scalable from petite to plus.

It is important to me that knitwear designs capture this double nature of the nautilus, the elegance and the detail. Every pattern should help a knitter elevate their knitting skills, either through a new technique, construction method, or finishing method. It gives me a thrill to help knitters at every skill level achieve this. My patterns provide all the information necessary for you to create a piece you will be proud to wear or share.

With Shel Designs, I invite you to explore the shores of knitting with me, combining the familiar with the new to connect, create, regenerate.


Shellie Anderson

When Shellie was seven years old, her grandmother taught her to knit. Since that day, knitting has been a true passion for her. Over the years she would put down her knitting needles for a while, only to pick them back up again. A few years ago, Shellie picked up the needles again with the goal of becoming a knitwear designer, and for five years she was lead designer at Shibui Knits. That was an exciting challenge and now she is ready for new things and is excited to share her independent label, Shel Designs, with the knitting community.